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Hosted Exchange 2010

There are absolutely NO hidden fees. Pricing for Hosted Exchange 2010 is a fixed price per user per month plus any optional services such as BlackBerry hosting or Archiving services.
Absolutely not. Historically, the cost per user for hosted messaging solutions has remained steady or even declined while the breadth of features, benefits, and capabilities continues to increase and improve. Business-class messaging will continue to be a critical tool for your team efficiency and effectiveness and you will keep benefiting from a predictable, monthly cost per user.
With a modern broadband connection, most customers have more than enough connectivity speed to never notice a difference between a messaging solution they manage themselves and one that is hosted. There is more than enough speed in a DSL, Cable or dedicated Internet line. More importantly, if you have any mobile employees, they can access the messaging solution through any broadband connection, regardless of location, and don't need to struggle with firewalls that can significantly slow access.
With Egocentrix's Hosted Exchange, you control the management and customization of your messaging solution. While we assume responsibility for many of the overwhelming day-to-day administrative functions like operating system administration, patching, performance tuning and optimization, security hardening, anti-virus, anti-spam, data backup, and archiving, our customers use simple online administrative tools and consoles to control user accounts, manage quotas, create mailing lists, and manage folders.
Data privacy and security are very serious topics. We approach these issues from three angles:

Anti-virus and anti-spam solutions - Viruses, worms, and spam can all have significant and catastrophic impacts not only on email data, but also on a company's entire information technology system. We use core Microsoft Exchange anti-spam capabilities and advanced anti-spam and anti-virus applications. Every message is scanned for viruses both inbound and outbound, and the servers and stored documents are also scanned.
Backup and disaster recovery - Our messaging solution, including all of our customers' data, is backed up incrementally every night and completely every week.
Data privacy - Every customer's data source is protected from outside access through a robust security, intrusion detection, and firewall solution. Every bit of data is logically segregated and protected from other customers to prevent inappropriate data access.
Regulatory compliance is a complex issue, but we strongly believe that our business-class messaging solution provides a number of features that will fit into your compliance obligations for data retention and archiving. We encourage all of our customers to incorporate the specific features of our offering into their overall compliance strategy.
One of the benefits of our hosted business-class messaging solution is that we understand your need to access your emails 24/7/365. We are committed to bringing you the best technical support you can get in this industry and our support center is located in Canada and USA to manage more time zone.
We have focused on making our Hosted Exchange business-class messaging solution as simple and as easy to use as possible for everyone in your organization, including end users and administrators.

For users - If you don't already use Microsoft Outlook, every end user will receive a copy of this software for use on their desktop. This product is simple to install and provides clear wizards for configuring the software to access all of the rich features offered in the solution, including shared calendars, document folders, and global address lists.
For administrators - Our administrative console provides a simple interface to set up email accounts, create and manage global address lists, and manage quotas and business rules. If your administrator ever has any questions about the tool set, they can access our online knowledge base for quick answers or call customer support to get more detailed instructions.
Once you complete the sign-up process, you will receive an email that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to configure end user clients to use the new messaging capabilities as well as instructions on how to create and administer your mailboxes. These emails will include all of the information you need to log in, set up users, set up quotas, and begin using the platform. At most, you should expect a 1-2 hour delay to ensure that your new email solution has been registered on the Internet, but typically this occurs much quicker.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

You will have a few options. You will be able to connect through Cpanel. You will received all the necessary information by email when you buy your plan.
Yes it's very easy to upgrade your VPS. By purchasing some additional memory, disk space or any other system resource, your VPS will be automatically upgraded. This process usually takes just a few minutes.
It really depends on what you use your virtual server for. If you plan to use it for website hosting, not much technical knowledge is required since we provide access to the CPanel which is very intuitive and user-friendly. If you need to run and manage custom applications, knowledge of Windows operating systems is required.
Yes. We offer complimentary support when it comes to a network or hardware issue, including a failed setup process. Optional support is also available at an hourly fee when it comes to helping you in administering your server. Please contact our sales department for more information.
Your virtual server can be used to run any application or service you would usually run on a dedicated server. This includes Web hosting, VoIP systems, custom Web applications, etc.
You will need to create a new VPS and restore your information from backups (assuming you have a backup plan). Both creating a VPS and restoring from backup can be done quickly, and we offer daily and weekly backup options with both our basic and advanced plans.
All virtual servers are hosted on reliable hardware servers and are updated every years.
Any VPS comes with 3 IP addresses. Additional IPs can be purchased in increments of 10.
All VPS storage is located on RAID 5. If you have backups enabled, these are stored on a separate system.
We currently support both Windows and Linux systems.

Hosted SharePoint 2010

YES! You can upgrade from one plan to another and/or add any additional options to your account at any time. You can do so online at any time, using the Site Administration Login on the Egocentrix website. The Site Administration Login is your online resource to manage your account with Egocentrix. To access the Account Management Center you can click on the Customer Login link at the top of website.
A workspace is your personal Team Portal dashboard, where you manage your account, create and modify projects and invite contacts to your projects.
We have focused on making our Hosted Exchange business-class messaging solution as simple and as easy to use as possible for everyone in your organization, including end users and administrators.

No hardware investment, i.e. lower costs
No software to download - ready to start from the word go
No IT resources - anyone who has used a Web program like Hotmail can use it
Faster deployment
Pay as you go, pay as you grow!
It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get started. Since provisioning is done automatically in a hosted environment, there are no software installations or hardware setup. Ordering a service from EGOCENTRIX will have you up and running quickly. You will be contacted promptly to set up your account and licenses according to your specific needs.
Yes, this is one of the main benefits of using a hosted teamwork and project management service like Hosted SharePoint. You invite any user you like by just typing their e-mail address and assigning them a role in your project.
No. You only have to provide your credit card information once. Each month thereafter, Egocentrix will automatically bill your credit card for the monthly recurring amount.
Upon registration, you should receive an email regarding your registration. Should you need assistance any time during your purchase you can contact our sales representatives directly, via our toll free number or by email.

Online Backup / Cloud Storage

The cloud is the most secure place to store your data away from flood, theft, fire, and other act of god! With Egocentrix online backup, you know your most recent data is backed up, stored in a secure remote environment, and easily restore if you need it.
Egocentrix is using encryption for every data and transferred via a proprietary protocol specifically designed for online backup. Your data is safely stored in our datacentre (Secure and Green), maintained by Microsoft-certified Technicians.
Each of our Egocentrix plans comes with an affordable, fixed price. Depending on the plan, workstations and/or servers can be added or removed with a simple click using the Egocentrix control panel, at no additional charge. And if you need to add more gigabytes to your storage space, you have the control to do so and even upgrade your initial plan.
Web hosting is the service of storing web pages for viewing by a computer that is connected to the Internet.
Domain hosting is generally set up when you register a domain name. Registering a domain name simply reserves your name so that others can see that it's yours. Hosting the domain name associates your name with two or more computers so that they can broadcast the details of where your different services (e.g. email and web servers) are located on the Internet. Nobody can get to your website, or send you any email associated with your domain name without domain hosting.
If someone wants to find you on the Internet, he will type in your name, and the domain name service in his computer will look up the exact address on the Internet. To get that exact address, his computer will look at the "DNS" hosts that his service provider either gave him directly, or through a behind-the-scene service.

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