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EGOCENTRIX does not accept services returns as we are offering pre-paid services. We therefore encourage you to read carefully the Term & Condition on our Website.

We are also proposing for some services at 30 days satisfaction guarantee. Check all the information on our web site for more detail about this offer. For more help and advice please contact

Hosted Exchange Schedule


1. Microsoft Exchange Services

The following Microsoft® Exchange server features are available to you:

Mailboxes and related features such as folder sharing within a single organization, sending and receiving e-mail messages, multiple e-mail addresses, delivery restrictions, delivery options, and offline folders. Each mailbox may be added or removed from the account’s Global Address List;

Public Folders and related features such as sharing folders within a single organisation;

Sending and receiving e-mail messages (top-level folders only), multiple e-mail addresses (top-level folders only), delivery restrictions (top-level folders only), delivery options (top-level folders only) and different folder types (for all folders except top level folders). Each public folder may be added or removed from the account’s Global Address List (top-level folders only);

Distribution lists and related features such as sending and receiving e-mail messages, multiple e-mail addresses, and delivery restrictions. Each distribution list may be added or removed from account’s Global Address List;

Contacts – Each contact may be added or removed from accounts within the Global Address List;

Multiple Inbound Domains;

Global Address List and Offline Address List – one per organisation

2. Technical Support

Hosted Exchange Email Support Operates 24/7/365.

Technical Support will provide:

  • full assistance with initial Microsoft Outlook configuration (consultation fee may apply);
  • basic assistance with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access usage such as email, sharing calendars, appointment scheduling, contact management, and assigning permissions (consultation fee may apply);
  • limited advice with problems involving connectivity to the Hosted Exchange service and other server related issues. Please note: Egocentrix provides
  • limited technical support for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and OWA via Internet Explorer, but it does not offer customer support for other mail clients, applications, scripts, or components, either from third parties or for those developed by you.

To better assist you, please send us a message with the full description of your support request including complete error messages and screenshots when available, along with your Exchange account name. Egocentrix will provide a support ticket reference number to enable tracking of any issues raised. Egocentrix standard response time is one hour or less. The response time, however, may depend on the nature and complexity of the inquiry, or unexpected call volume. A one-hour support reply does not apply to any “how to”, connectivity or software development related inquiries since such issues often involve extensive research and testing.

Technical Support assigns the highest priority to inquiries related to the servers’ unavailability. Such inquiries are addressed immediately upon notification. It may take some time to resolve the issue, so you may not get an immediate reply.

3. Customer Service, Billing and Sales Enquiries

Non-technical enquiries regarding your hosted exchange account should be sent to Billing enquiries should be sent All inquiries regarding purchase of new accounts or addition of services should be addressed to

4. Control Panels and Server Management

Egocentrix provides web-based account and server management tools. They are designed to give you control over your account and many Exchange server services such as adding, removing and editing mailboxes and provisioning new organisations (resellers only). You can use the Control Panels to perform most of the routine account and server management tasks. Online Help is available from within the Control Panels. If you experience difficulty using the Control Panels, Egocentrix Technical Support personnel will help familiarize you with these tools, however, they shall not be expected to perform for you or for your co-workers the tasks that can be done through the Control Panels.

5. Service Availability

Egocentrix is committed to providing the highest quality service to all customers. To support this commitment, Egocentrix gives the following service level guaranties and observes the following schedule of penalties for any failure to meet those guaranties. Egocentrix guarantees 99.5% Service Availability, measured on a calendar-month basis. Service Availability is defined as the ability of a user within an organization to:

  • retrieve messages from the Exchange server and send and receive messages via the Exchange server provided that the user meets the requirements under section 15, below.

Exchange Server Unavailability

Egocentrix monitors the server as a whole but does not monitor individual mailboxes. Exchange server unavailability caused by denial of service attacks, mail bombing, and other flooding techniques is not included in uptime/downtime calculations. The Exchange server uses SMTP to deliver outbound messages. This protocol does not guarantee immediate delivery of email messages. By default, the Exchange server makes a delivery attempt every ten minutes three times; after that the server will attempt message delivery every fifteen minutes. If there is no successful delivery attempt within twelve hours, a delay notification will be emailed to the sender. If there is no successful delivery attempt within two days, the message will be returned to the sender. Please note: Server downtime is not recorded and no credit is issued during scheduled or emergency system maintenance. Outages caused by the actions beyond Egocentrix control including, but not limited to DOS attacks or other forms of intrusion are excluded from the uptime/downtime calculations.

Network Availability

Service unavailability resulting from network unavailability will not be included in the Service Availability calculation. Network unavailability is defined as Egocentrix network’s inability to pass incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic, including but not limited to backbone problems, problems on the customer’s portion of the network, interruptions of service caused by denial of service or similar attacks or other forms of intrusion.

Hardware Failure

In the event of server hardware failure, Egocentrix shall aim to replace or repair hardware within eight hours of Egocentrix determination that the hardware has failed. Such hardware failure, and repair and replacement of the hardware and the associated downtime shall not affect the Service Availability calculation.

Scheduled Maintenance

To guarantee optimal performance of the Exchange servers, it is necessary for Egocentrix to perform routine maintenance on the servers. Such maintenance often requires taking Exchange servers off-line, typically performed during off-peak hours. Egocentrix will give you advance notice of maintenance requiring the servers to be taken off-line whenever possible. Egocentrix reserves one hour of Service unavailability per month for maintenance purposes. Such unavailability is not included in the Service Availability calculation.

Refund for Non-compliance – Exchange server availability

  • 100% – 99.9% uptime : No credit
  • 99.9 % – 99.5% uptime : 5% credit
  • 99.5% – 99% uptime : 10% credit
  • 99% – 98% uptime : 15% credit
  • 98% – 95% uptime : 25% credit
  • Less than 95% uptime : 100% credit

To receive the refund you must send a request via our support system logging in with your account details at with your account number and domain name including all dates and times of server unavailability month immediately following the month for which the refund is requested. Egocentrix will then compare the information provided by you to the server availability monitoring data Egocentrix maintains and notify you of the issuance of any refund. A refund is issued if the unavailability warranting the refund is confirmed by Egocentrix server monitoring data.

Maximum Total Refund

The total refund to you for any account may not exceed 50% of the monthly fees paid for that account during the month for which the refund is to be issued.

6. Server Storage Capacity

Each Exchange account is allotted an aggregated storage capacity initially equal to the total storage capacity of each mailbox. This storage capacity is shared among all mailboxes and public folders within your account. For an additional fee, you may increase your account storage capacity at any time.

7. Mailbox and Public Folder Storage Capacity

In addition to the aggregate account storage capacity, each mailbox and public folder also has its own storage limit. When the storage capacity is reached on an individual mailbox or folder, the Exchange servers shall stop sending or receiving messages. Egocentrix is not responsible for Service unavailability or data loss caused by any mailbox or folder exceeding its storage capacity. To prevent such occurrences, you can manage mailbox and public folder storage limits at any time from within the Control Panel. The maximum limit of any mailbox is restricted by the maximum amount of unallocated aggregated storage available for all mailboxes.

8. Top Level Folders and Sub-folders

The Exchange Server retains ownership of the two top layers of the public folder hierarchy, “Public Folders”, and, under that folder, the “All Public Folders”. This is set by the Exchange Server architecture and cannot be modified. The Control Panel allows you to create and manage mail-enabled Top-Level Public folders. These folders are set up to contain mail items (messages, posts, Microsoft Office documents), but not appointments, contacts, tasks, journal entries or note items. They can be made visible in the Global Address List. Users of Microsoft Outlook can create as many Public folders as they wish as long as the account administrator has granted them appropriate access. These folders can be of any type allowed by the Exchange server. These folders cannot be made visible in the Global Address List.

9. Address Lists

Egocentrix creates one Global Address List and one Offline Address List when you create your account. The Global Address List and Offline Address List are available to all users on your account. No filters may be applied to Global Address List. The Offline Address List is available when you are working offline and is simply a mirror of the Global Address List.

10. Anti-Virus Checking

Egocentrix installs third-party provided, anti-virus software on its Exchange servers. This software is configured to check all messages coming in to and leaving the Exchange server (Messages sent between mailboxes on the server are not scanned) for viruses according to the virus-detecting heuristics provided with the software. As a part of the Anti-virus software service, these heuristics are regularly updated. If a virus is detected, the message is deleted. No notification is sent to either recipient or sender of the message. Messages with attachments larger than 5MB or with archived or encrypted attachments are not checked. Egocentrix advises you to use up-to-date, local anti-virus software. Egocentrix is not responsible for infection of end-user devices or lost or corrupted messages due to anti-virus software running on the Exchange server.

11. Anti-SPAM message filtering

Egocentrix installs third-party provided, anti-SPAM software on its Exchange servers. This software is configured to check all incoming and outgoing messages according to the SPAM detecting heuristics provided with the software. As a part of the anti-SPAM software service, the SPAM-detecting heuristics are regularly updated. Egocentrix is not responsible for lost or corrupted messages due to Anti-SPAM filtering.

12. Wireless Exchange Server Access (Blackberry and ActiveSync)

As an add-on service, Egocentrix provides wireless access to the Exchange server through the use of third-party provided software. Success in configuration and set up of wireless Exchange Server Access is highly dependent upon the device and wireless access provider chosen by you, therefore Egocentrix can only assure that it shall use commercially reasonable efforts to assist you in configuring and supporting your wireless Exchange server access for the areas of the access not under Egocentrix control.

13. Ownership of Data

All data created or stored by you within Egocentrix applications and servers is your property. Egocentrix shall allow access to such data by only authorized Egocentrix personnel. Egocentrix makes no claim of ownership of any web server content, e-mail content, or any other type of data contained within the account holder’s server space or within applications on Egocentrix servers.

14. Data Integrity

Hosted Exchange packages include Backup Services which includes: Full Exchange server backup performed several times a week to the shared backup device over the network; Backup copy retention time is one week; Back-up Services do not include the process of restoring files, mailboxes, folders or parts thereof. Egocentrix can restore the content of private or public information store on your Shared Exchange Server and make it available in Personal Folder File (.pst) format for a fee based on Egocentrix standard consultancy rates (130$ per hour). Egocentrix is not responsible for data loss resulting from the failure or loss of backup media.

15. Data Retention

All data from the server and back-up media is deleted upon account termination.

16. Customer Responsibilities

To access Egocentrix services, you must provide at the very minimum: an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and quality; the network connection should not constrain Microsoft® Exchange functionality; a fully functional Internet browser for use with Outlook Web Access; Microsoft Outlook 2003 software and Microsoft Windows XP for each user who will connect directly (via MAPI) to the Exchange server; and MS Outlook Express 5/6 software for each user who will connect to the Exchange server via POP or IMAP.

17. Amendments

This Agreement may be amended from time to time without prior written notice.

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