At EGOCENTRIX, we strive to achieve the highest standard of environmental responsibility. The positive steps we’ve taken to achieve this endeavor can be traced all the way back to our founding years. Today, we are proud of how efficiently we manage to meet and exceed our operational goals, while limiting our impact on the environment.

At EGOCENTRIX, we are virtually waste-free! Thanks to ongoing successful relationships with committed partners, we produce none of the waste that comes from a typical office environment. We continuously look for new ways to reduce our impact by leveraging new technologies to lower power consumption. Plus, we took the time to select an eco-friendly Data Centre, nominated for the Best IT Data Centre in Canada!

We all share the same vision for a better, healthier, more sustainable environment. At EGOCENTRIX, we are proudly committed to our planet and keeping it strong for centuries to come.


  • 24/7/365 Online Support Service
  • Pay as-you-grow service (virtualization, no need to buy equipment)
  • Secure And Reliable Data Centre (Green IT Data Centre)
  • Highly Efficient And The latest technology (lower power consumption)


We saved over 76% in printer paper costs in one year since we switched over to EGOCENTRIX

Alicia Brown, Publishing Director

Thank you EGOCENTRIX! Our division won the 2013 Green Space Award; for reducing our server power usage by 27% in just one year!

David Sharzer, Vice president IT Solutions

We have been in the IT Business for more than 18 years. Our experience, skills and certifications have made us the leading provider for Hosted Online products.

Here few things about us:

A. Anti-Spam. Our Anti-Spam protection is the best in the world. Say goodbye to ads for cheap pharmaceuticals and offshore casinos once and for all.

B. BlackBerry Hosting Service. For better communication between businesses and their customers, team members and partners.

C. Certification. Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, Dell, HP, Symantec, IBM, Lenovo, and many more!

D. Data Centre. Extremely secure and efficient.

E. Ego. We’re so good; we can justify the name EGOCENTRIX!

F. Fearless. We can eliminate your fears.

G. Green IT. We work hard to keep our operations efficient and to limit our impact on the environment.

H. Hosted Online Products Specialist. As specialists, we can address any of your concerns in a quick, informative manner.

I. IT Specialist for more than 18 years. At EGOCENTRIX, we’re about anything and everything IT.

J. Jealousy. Our competitors suffer from it on a regular basis. It’s the price of doing business so well!

K. Keen. Attention to detail is important to us.

L. Leadership. EGOCENTRIX is a leader in the Hosted Online Product and IT world.

M. Manageability. We ensure that all of our products and services are easy-to-manage.

N. Network. We always keep our network up-to-date for more efficient and reliable service.

O. Online Backup. One of our most popular Hosted Online Services.

P. Partnership. We seek to establish working partnerships with our clients, which is the biggest part of our success.

Q. Quebec, Canada. We have the first branch office located in Montreal.

R. Reaction Time. We continually monitor our entire infrastructure, in order to be informed immediately of any changes.

S. Satisfaction. We’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied. You’re satisfaction is a part of our success.

T. Trust. Our privacy policy is one of the most comprehensive in the world, so you can sleep sound know that your data is well-protected. We will never sell or share your information with third parties.

U. Unique IT and Hosted Online Service. One-stop shopping for your Hosted Online needs.

V. Virtual Private Server (VPS). Give flexible options to meet the needs of our clients.

W. Worldwide. Cloud computing allows businesses to offer their services around the globe.

X. eXpansion (yes, we know it doesn’t start with X, but it matters just the same!). We seek to expand our knowledge and understanding of business needs to better serve our clients.

Y. Yes! At EGOCENTRIX, we have a “can-do� attitude. How can we say “yes� to your business needs.

Z. Zero. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you pay $0 if you are ever unsatisfied with our services.

We are the best in the IT industry and will continue to exceed expectations of our customers. We will continue to lead the Canadian IT space by maintaining quality IT practices. For 18 years we have gained resource insight and have used communication and collaboration tools to build the foundation that is Egocentrix, to build the foundation of the most effective IT solutions.

Egocentrix is the best in the IT world and will work with you to create your best business. We have the solution to all of your problems. Let us take you to a better IT world.

The weight companies and governments are putting on IT is getting heavier. The International IT Competitiveness Index ranks 66 countries in regards to IT support. It measures: skill supply, innovation-friendly culture, technology infrastructure, a legal environment that protects intellectual property, an open and competitive economy, and government leadership in each country. Canada ranks behind the United States, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark.

Egocentrix is ahead of the rest of the Canadian IT landscape. We understand the importance of having a strong IT presence in every company and we will take your business to the next level with a better IT world.


  • 24/7/365 Online Support Service
  • Pay as-you-grow service (virtualization, no need to buy equipment)
  • Secure And Reliable Data Centre (Green IT Data Centre)
  • Highly Efficient And The latest technology (lower power consumption)
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